Why us...?

We, are different. We have a genuine drive to stop consumers being ripped off by unscrupulous 'Mr I-Can-Mend' operations, with no training, experience or qualifications to speak of.

There are so many operations locally (a few of which have now closed down) that were set up on a whim by opportunists that saw a chance to make a quick buck. Our illustrious leader is quoted as repeatedly saying 'The only way people can make money in the second hand phone market, is by ripping people off... so now they (you) accept it as the norm'

On that basis, we don't sell a single thing, other than his intellect, time and 35 years experience in Computing and electronic engineering.

  • Enhanced CRB checked & cleared.
  • Ministry of Defence Security Clearance (if you can think of someone you'd trust more with your data, by all means let us know)
  • Many years of contract work at Northumbria Police HQ, every Hospital and University North of the M62, and South of Glasgow. Also did a spell with The Abundant Life Centre Bradford (see The God Channel),
  • Contracting for all the major banks and various data farms (ever heard of the DWP?) He was also involved in the build of the biggest data farm in Europe and yet the one with the smallest eco-footprint.

Trained and certified at Apple HQ Uxbridge, Canon, Xerox, Cisco, Sctex Israel, Scitex Brussels, Creo-Scitex, Minivator, and Hewlett Packard.... leaving with approaching 120 Hewlett Packard Certifications (this guy can read!) and just for giggles, Advanced level Statistical Mathematics, Analytical Mathemetics & Physics.

Den is currently working on the enigmatic Kryptos Cypher along with a few other cyphers transposing some into and out of latin just to keep the grey matter warm.

If you get the chance to venture into our service centre, and stumble across strings of strange symbols.... or masses of numbers and or letters.... ask about what you see, you wont get a direct answer, but you may be given a key or clue.

Your brain is a muscle of sorts, take it out for a run.