If youv'e been told it can't be fixed, you're talking to the wrong person.

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TV, Computer and Electronic engineers.

Unfortunately we do not repair mobile phones or games consoles.

Cracked or damaged TV screens CANNOT be repaired.

Apple and Hewlett Packard certified. All work is carried out on an appointment only basis.

Experts in TV repair, and one of the only companies in the NE capable of replacing LED backlight arrays.

Our Backlight arrays carry twice the warranty of of LG own brand backlights. Remarkably, LG will only warranty replacement backlights for 90 days.

Terms and Conditions:

All items are subect to a £25 assessment fee unless by prior agreement. All items are left at owners risk. It is the owners responsibility to provide a full description of all faults on any item. Any faults discovered, or exacerbated by the repair process will be reported to the owner as and when found, repaired at the discretion of Techfixed4u, and may or may not be charged accordingly.

Any data, on any device, is the responsibility of the owner. ALL DATA should be backed up by the owner prior to work commencing. Where an item has been brought in to have data saved/moved/recovered or otherwise, this work will be done on a 'best endevour' basis, and neither Techfixed4u, nor it's representatives will be held responsible for any subsequent loss of data, before, during, or after work commenced. Whilst every care shall be taken to secure your item, neither D Patton Ltd or it's insurers will be held responsible for the replacement of any goods in the event of break-in/flood/fire act of god etc.

No items will be released until such time as any invoices have been settled. Techfixed4u will keep any repaired item for exactly 5 days after the repair has been completed and sucsessfully reported to the owner. Any equipment, repaired or otherwise, left longer than 5 days, is assumed abandoned, becomes the property of Techfixed4u, and will be disposed of on the 6th day after a request for its collection is made, by whichever means Techfixed4u deems fit, and no further dialogue will be entertained.

Sorry, we don't accept anonymous calls.

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